The enterprise Gerakios exists since 1948.The source of supply for their natural sponges is the island of Kalymnos.
The object of the enterprise is collection,treatment,wholesale trade and export of natural sponges. 
The sponge is not an industrial product: it’s a living organism. The natural sponges of the sea are aquatic animals, evolving, depending and surviving in the environment they are living in.
The diversity of forms is an interrelation of many parameters, such as the temperature of the water, the lighting, the existing current, the undulation, the depth, even the age of the animal.
It exists in various colors, forms, sizes and constitutions. The sea sponges have been used for years and take part in our everyday hygiene and our beauty, from the first days of our lives.
Natural sponges have a lot of advantages in compare to synthetic sponges. 
They have a longer duration of life, they don’t smudge, don’t maintain smells and their soft constitution provides a deeper and without irritations skin cleaning. They are not only used for personal hygiene but also in the bioengineering and pharmaceutical industry.
The Mediterranean is considered to be the most important source of natural sponges. 

Treatment - Trade of natural sponges


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